Packright Face Shields: Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic



Plastic packaging plays an important role in protecting goods and extending the shelf life of food products but once it has been discarded it still remains a valuable resource.

Recycling this material to use it in the manufacture of new plastic items keeps this resource in the economy, out of the landfill, and delivers economic and environmental benefits by reducing the use of virgin plastics.

For example, recycling 1 tonne of soft drinks bottles saves around 1.5 tonnes of CO2. (Source: WRAP –Waste & Resources Action Programme- United Kingdom)

Our material of choice is PET... the most recycled plastic in the world. The systems needed for collections, cleaning, refining, and processing this material have been well established by the bottling industry.

Other PET containers use the same infrastructure and can be recycled just as easily within this system ensuring a closed loop. PET can always be reclaimed, recycled and reused.