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GFTC’s Good Manufacturing Practices Audit

May 2016.

We are happy to announce Packright Manufacturing Ltd. has officially passed the Guelph Food Technology Centre (NSF/GFTC) good manufacturing practice (GMP) audit. Packright scored a gold rating of 99.2%, one of the highest ratings amongst Canadian packaging manufacturers.

This audit assessed the extensive program we have developed and implemented over the last three years. This is required to manage and manufacture products requiring food safety assurances. Areas of focus included the premises, storage and distribution, equipment and maintenance, training and management of personnel, sanitation and pest control, security, traceability and recall.

The NSF/GFTC GMP audit is considered by many as one of the benchmark manufacturing inspections in the world. Facilities must pass this food safety audit with a score of 85% in all sections before being accepted for a NSF/GFTC accreditation audit.

The GMP audit covers the Prerequisite Program requirements commonly outlined by various regulatory bodies such as CFIA, FDA and Codex. It is commonly used through the supply chain for small to medium sized facilities as well as a preliminary requirement for the GFTC/AIB HACCP accreditation.

Packright is extremely excited to have this rating to validate our continued investment into quality and food safety.


Quality Program

Although not formally accredited, Packright Manufacturing has structured its Quality Program to mirror the conventions established by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

1- Prior to use, each and every roll is examined for:
Material clarity
Gauge variation
Dimensional tolerance
Contaminable impurity

2- Relentless In-Process product verification by Operators:
Scrutinizing not only the product, they are always on alert for process changes or
equipment malfunction
Comprehensively trained In-house, our operators are capable of performing all elements
of the product cycle; preventative maintenance, tool setup/changeover, tooling
maintenance, and process control
Before any product is boxed it is reviewed to our stringent and meticulous criteria under
the watchful scrutiny of our Inspector Packers


3- Interval random sampling ensures:
Symmetry of trim
Clarity of material
Positive "snap"
Uniform material distribution
Purity of product
Quick and easy product separation (de-nesting)
"What you want, the way you want it"



4- Trace-ability:
Complete product trace-ability through Packright to the date and batch number of Raw
Material production at our supplier's facilities
Every job traceable to a unique work order number and date produced
A well-organized and disciplined In-House Training regimen guarantees only qualified
personnel certify the integrity and conformance of the product